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The administration and staff of CHS believe in the importance of attending school regularly. Students with good attendance generally make better grades, are more involved in activities, and enjoy school more. We believe excessive absenteeism contributes to student dropouts and deters the achievement of our goal of graduating 100% of our student body. We believe that punctuality and regular attendance are qualities that must be instilled in students for them to become responsible and productive citizens.

The following absences, verified by the methods(s) below NOT LATER THAN TWO (2) days after the return of the student to school, shall be considered as VERIFIED ABSENCES. These absences are eligible for make-up work after the student obtains an admission pass.

Court Appearance: Court Record or Parent Guardian Contact
Lateness: Parent calls prior to student arrival or appears in person to check-in student
Doctor Appointment: Health Care Provider or Parent/Guardian
Parent Approved (i.e. illnesses): Parent/Guardian Contact

NOTE: Parents/Students are encouraged to schedule medical appointments in a manner that occurs during different times of the school day (i.e. on a.m. appointment and a follow-up p.m. appointment.)

Students arriving after the start of a period with verification are to report to the Front Office for a pass to class. All unverified tardies report immediately to class. After five (5) VERIFIED and/or UNVERIFIED TARDIES the student will be referred to the appropriate Asst. Principal for disciplinary action. Students who arrive to class after 10 minutes without a verification slip are considered truant.

The following types of absences, verified by the method(s) identified below NO LATER THAN TWO (2) days after the return of the student to school are considered as EXEMPT ABSENCES. These absences will not apply toward the EXCESSIVE ABSENCE total .

School Activity: School Organization Sponsor Approval
Medical Related Absence of 3 or more Consecutive Days: Health Care Provider
Death in the Family: Obituary or Parent/Guardian
In School Suspension (ISS) Assistant Principal’s Office

Excessive Absences
A student with six (6) or more unverified absences or ten (10) or more absences of a verified or unverified nature (or any combination of the two) in a single class during one semester shall be considered as having EXCESSIVE ABSENCES in that particular class.

Consequences of Excessive Absences
EXCESSIVE ABSENCES (as defined above) in any single class will result in a mandatory parent conference and/or a referral to the Juvenile Probation Office/ District Attorney’s office. Continued absences may also result in a referral to an alternative educational setting.

Make-Up Work
It is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher on the day he/she returns to class to determine any course work that needs to be made up. Students will be permitted a two day grace period per absence for the first day of absence and a one day grace period for each consecutive day of absence thereafter to submit work. If make-up work is not turned in on time the student will be referred to the CATS program.

Students absent because of a school activity are to have the course work made-up BEFORE the activity absence unless prior arrangements have been made with each teacher. If a student was present when a teacher assigned course work it is due on the day of return. However certain projects (i.e. major projects, research papers, etc.) will be due on deadline date unless prior arrangements have been made by the school. Clovis High School will collect assignments for parents to pick up for any student who will be absent three (3) or more consecutive days of school. Parents/guardians must contact the attendance office to arrange for the pickup of class assignments. A 24-hour turnaround time is needed

Enrollment at CHS

Sophomores and Juniors must be enrolled in six classes each semester.

Seniors must be enrolled in four classes each semester.

Access the Clovis Municipal Schools online enrollment forms.
Foreign Exchange Students

The foreign guidelines will be followed when acceptance of a foreign exchange student is being considered.
  1. Exchange students must be approved by the principal/designee prior to enrollment.
  2. We will accept only three students per school year who are attending on a foreign exchange basis, i.e., who require extra paperwork in order to attend.
  3. No more than one exchange student of the same nationality will be accepted. Students with the same home languages, even though they are of different nationalities, will possibly be considered inappropriate for admission.
  4. Exchange students should not expect to receive a diploma from Clovis High School due to differences in educational preparations and backgrounds. If graduation is required, arrangements must be made prior to enrollment.
  5. Exchange students should plan to enroll at the beginning of the fall term and plan to spend a minimum of one term in attendance. Students will not be accepted/enrolled in the Spring/second term unless enrolled first term.
  6. One person would be designated to be the responsible guardian to accept responsibility for attendance notification, behavior, etc.
Transfer Students

Transferring Seniors
Seniors that transfer to Clovis High School with only one term of credits needed to graduate will be allowed to take classes. Clovis High School, however, reserves the right to transfer those credits to that senior’s former school for graduation rather than granting a diploma from Clovis High School. Students that are transferring due to behavioral or academic problems at a former high school will not be allowed to graduate from Clovis High School.

From Home Schools
Students transferring from home schools will be considered the same as students from non-accredited schools, as outlined above. In addition, they may be required to accumulate up to 24 credits while attending Clovis High School. Students entering after that time will not be ranked.

From Non-Accredited Schools
Transfer students from non-accredited schools to Clovis High School must meet the following requirements to be eligible for graduation:
  1. All state and local requirements must be satisfactorily completed and documented.
  2. Students entering grad ten will be expected to complete all normal requirements with a minimum of 16 credits at Clovis High School.
  3. Students entering grade eleven will be required to complete 10 credits. They must complete two credits of English, one credit of Math and one credit of Social Studies. They must also complete one credit of P.E. and one credit of Lab Science depending upon documented evidence of prior completion and acceptance of that credit.
  4. Students entering grade twelve will be required to complete four credits. They must complete one credit of English, .5 credit New Mexico History, and other required courses needed to graduate from CHS and the State of N.M. Pending receipt of prior records, they may be required to fulfill the Communication Skills requirement.
Transfer grades will be entered as Pass/Fail on the permanent record cards and credit approved will be indicated on that card. some testing to determine credit granted or student placement may be required.

Grade point averages will be calculated only for work completed while enrolled at Clovis High School. Students in the category will be ranked with the graduating class only if the final four terms are completed at Clovis High School. Students entering after that time will not be ranked.
Withdrawal Policy

Class Withdrawals
The following policy governs student withdrawal from any given class.
First 10 days of each Term- Students may have their classes changed with the approval of their teacher and counselor for reasons of inappropriate academic placement or required credit deficiencies and receive a “WF” or “WP” (Withdrawn Failing or Withdrawn Passing).

From the 10th day through the 25th school day of each term — Withdrawing from a class will be shown on the transcript as “WF” or “WP”. Students WILL NOT be allowed to change to a class that maintains receipt of credit. 

After the 25th day of each semester, all class withdrawals will be recorded as an “F” on the transcript.

School Withdrawals
Students withdrawing from school must provide parental permission. Parents must notify the appropriate assistant principal with the reason for withdrawal. Students withdrawing from school must obtain a formal withdrawal form from the guidance office and have the form signed by the appropriate assistant principal. The typed form must then be taken to each teacher for documentation of withdrawal grades and clearance of textbooks, library books, etc. It is the student’s responsibility to properly withdraw from school. If records are not cleared, transcripts will not be forwarded to the next school. Students withdrawing from school before the end of the term will not receive credit.
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